Liquefied Natural Gas
LNG Fueling


The Industry's Only Integrated Supplier

The EIA forecasts that worldwide demand for natural gas will increase by around 60% over the next 28 years. During that period it will overtake coal and become the world’s second most widely used fuel and demand growth is expected to increase faster than demand growth for both coal and oil. It’s a view shared by the major oil companies and as part of this ‘Golden Age for Gas’ the same experts are also predicting natural gas in its liquid form – LNG – playing a much greater role in overall gas supply. With natural gas priced 50% to 75% cheaper than diesel on an energy-equivalent basis, the economic logic of converting trucks, buses, locomotives, ships and stationary engines to cleaner burning, lower emission LNG is compelling.

In this section we answer a few key questions, and maybe explode a few myths, about LNG and its use.